About Desperate Men Ministry

About Desperate Men Ministry

Statement of Purpose & Passion.  “If I learned only one thing from many years of teaching and working with men from all walks of life, it is this truth.

From the C-suite to the cellblock and the mansion to the mission, men of lofty and low positions share this one thing in common.

All men are desperate…whether they know admit it or not.

The journey a man travels into desperate places is often smooth and downhill.  The journey out can be much more difficult, often rough and uphill.  Addiction to success and wealth leads men into dark places alongside those enslaved by drugs, alcohol, or pornography.  Men are as easily imprisoned in executive offices, failing marriages, or their pasts as those confined behind bars.

The will of God is for desperate men from all walks of life turn to Him and find help, healing, and hope in Christ.  There is no other answer or place to turn that will satisfy in the short term and secure the long-term (eternity).

Many years ago, the Lord made His calling clear for me to write and teach biblical truths that educate and equip men for “success” in many areas of life; manhood, marriage, fatherhood, and the workplace. I have been privileged to do so in a number of forms and forums that include men in rescue missions and prisons, single and young married men, and businessmen from the C-suite to the cubical.

Three years ago, the Holy Spirit called me out to take this “menistry” to another level and extend the reach nationally and globally as He provides.  To serve that end, Desperate Men was born.  My role is to continue creating resources and teaching desperate men from all walks of life and at every place they may be found.  To do so aligns with Jesus’ prayer that God’s will to be done “on earth as it is in Heaven.”

With all of my heart, I am honored and humbled to contribute my talents and whatever time I have left.  The hope of my prayer is this “menistry” meets you where you are and invites you to come closer to His waiting arms.

Your desperate brother in Christ,