No More and No Less – A Prayer Request and Call to Action

“There are no political solutions for SPIRITUAL problems.”

An Important Message from Walter Spires, Founder Desperate Men Ministries

Never Say Never – A Message of Hope for the Hurting


Five Star Athletes – God’s Process for Building Men

Blessing our Mothers and the Mothers of our Children who served/serve us so well!

All Men Are Desperate Whether We Admit It or Not – message from Part One of Walter’s book

Glenn Cranfield, CEO, Nashville Rescue Mission on the impact of Walter’s menistry

No Looking Back – Hindsight is NOT 20-20

This is an abbreviated video version of the full lesson—abbreviated because I was the “half-time show” during the Super Bowl for the homeless chapel at Nashville Rescue Mission Sunday evening.  300+ men listened as patiently as can be expected under the circumstances, and perhaps more importantly, I did my best to keep it short and finish before Justin Timberlake did.

I am glad to say, “Mission Accomplished!”  The full written version of the message will be posted soon.  I pray at least one thought shared in this video pricks your heart, settles in your mind, and strengthens your relationship with Christ.  That will make it time well spent.



The Issue Is Suicide – The Message Is Hope


Matthew Thomas shares impact of “All Men Are Desperate Whether They Admit It or Not” small group